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Physicians’ Care Network (PCN) Announces Partnership with Integrative Health for Clinical Integration

Partnership will enhance patient care and outcomes for the residents of North Central Florida.


Gainesville, FL (February 6, 2024) Physicians Care Network (PCN), a trusted Independent Physicians’ Association (IPA) serving over 13 counties in North Central Florida, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Integrative Health Network for clinical integration.

Founded in 1993, PCN has been at the forefront of assisting independent physicians in North Central Florida, adapting to the evolving healthcare industry while maintaining a commitment to delivering high-quality patient care. This collaboration with Integrative Health marks a significant step forward in enhancing PCN’s ability to serve both its network of physicians and the patients they care for.

Dr. Thomas Benton, Board President of PCN, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Since our inception, PCN has been dedicated to empowering independent physicians. The healthcare industry has evolved over the past two decades, and so has PCN. Our collaboration with Integrative Health aligns with our mission, enabling us to support our physicians further and enhance the care they provide to their patients.”

Patrick Lubitsky, Executive Director of PCN, highlighted the industry’s shift towards risk-based contracting and the challenges independent physicians face. He stated, “We recognize the changing landscape of healthcare and understand the difficulties independent physicians may face with evolving contract structures. Our goal for 2024 is to formalize clinical integration through our partnership with Integrative Health, ensuring our members can navigate these changes successfully.”

Clinical Integration Goals

The primary objectives of clinical integration between PCN and Integrative Health include:

  1. Development of ongoing initiatives incorporating evidence-based protocols.
  2. Reduction of unnecessary utilization.
  3. Optimization of clinical outcomes, demonstrating measurable results at the network and individual physician levels.

Clinical Integration Initiatives

The specific initiatives of clinical integration between PCN and Integrative Health include:

  • Transitions of care process improvements.
  • Reduce avoidable health events.
  • Enhanced referral management.
  • Improved communication among primary care physicians and specialists.

Requirements for Participation

While participation in the Clinical Integration Network (CIN) is voluntary, interested physicians are required to sign a participation agreement. Key requirements for participation include

  1. Implementation and utilization of data-sharing technology.
  2. Participation in population management initiatives.

Our commitment to collaborative and integrated healthcare for independent physicians aligns seamlessly with PCN’s mission. Independent physicians are challenged to leverage technology, scale, and operational rigor to compete in today’s healthcare landscape. Integrative Health offers the impact of a corporate model with the autonomy and flexibility of a traditional independent practice,” stated Patrick Figures, President of Integrative Health.

By formalizing clinical integration, PCN and Integrative Health aim to equip independent physicians with the tools and support needed to thrive in a changing healthcare landscape. This strategic partnership reinforces PCN’s commitment to delivering exceptional care while adapting to industry advancements.

About Physicians’ Care Network
Physicians Care Network (PCN) has been supporting independent physicians since 1993, facilitating the delivery of excellent healthcare. Committed to adapting to industry changes, PCN empowers physicians to provide high-quality care to their patients. We offer access to some of the finest physicians in North Central Florida and provide excellence in care at every single stage of life. For more information, visit

About Integrative Health
Integrative Health is a unified physician-owned and physician-led group with locations in Florida and Texas. Our mission is to create a high-performing, well-supported physician practice model without the influence of private equity and corporate medicine. Integrative Health has proven success and is powered by Integrative Emergency Services (IES). IES is a leader in quality and a trusted partner of managed care services, with the scale and stature to create healthy, thriving independent practices. For more information, visit or

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