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Chart Your Own Course

A Model Built To Support Doctors, Not Control Them

Explore Ownership Opportunities
Integrative Health Team

A Place To Have Ownership And A Voice

A Safe Haven For Independence

Introducing Integrative Health, a unified physician-owned and physician-led group.

Our mission is to create a high-performing, well-supported physician practice model without the influence of private equity and corporate medicine.

Physician Owned Performance Model

Our model operates under a philosophy prioritizing the following:

  • Physician autonomy and shared ownership.
  • Equity structure emphasizing majority physician ownership at scale.
  • Sustainable and efficient practice financials.
  • Partnership with a trusted physician MSO.

Proven Success
with the Power of IES

Integrative Health Florida is powered by Integrative Emergency Services (IES). Founded in 2011, IES was created by physician leaders passionate about quality and outcomes. Today, IES is a leader in quality and a trusted partner of managed care services, with the scale and stature to create healthy, thriving independent practices.

Our partnership with IES ensures you receive all-encompassing operational, administrative, and strategic support to drive your practice forward. 

Stability & Autonomy

Independent physicians are challenged to leverage technology, scale, and operational rigor to compete in today’s healthcare market. Integrative Health offers the impact of a corporate or private equity model with the autonomy and flexibility of a traditional independent practice.

Healthcare Ownership, Together

Partner with Integrative Health and Experience:

No non-competes or other restrictions.
Low management overhead.
Retain 100% control of your compensation model.
Value-based payments & other incentives as your practice grows.

Early Entry

Gain early entry into a unique physician-owned model that puts physicians first. With Integrative Health, you can take an active role in being a part of an equity model while preserving your independence.

Independence With Integrity

Private practice equipped with the tools, talent, and resources needed to remain independent. We know the issues you face because we have been where you are. Helping physicians like you, like us, is why we were founded in the first place.

Voice & Vision

Stability and support while you shape a physician-owned performance model. With Integrative Health, it is possible to have a voice in how you shape the practice of independent primary care.